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Annual Fall Tour   Sept. 4 to 16,  2014    a 13 + day glorious tour !  

Offered by Heritage Tours Inc. 13948 Square Lake Trail, Stillwater, MN  55082-9398

This extensive – jam packed tour starts in Vienna, Austria on September 4th . We suggest you fly into Vienna a few days before, as the tour will not spend any time in Vienna. It is very easy to find many city and local tours in English. Do what you wish, come early and enjoy this very historic city.  Rest from your journey, and the bus will pick everyone up from the same hotel, on the morning the tour officially starts on September 4th . 

Or if you have been to Vienna before, just arrive the day before, rest up,

depart with us the next morning. ( all of these are optional idea's )

We have reserved rooms in a hotel in the historic center for this option.

You can easily book you additional nights at the Vienna hotel before the tour – no problem.

We can easily book you additional hotel rooms in Prague after the tour ends – if you wish.

Major towns and locations we visit below on the tour - are in bold print.


September 4 Thursday

10 AM Depart from our hotel in Vienna. Our first stop will be the capital of the

Slovak Republic – Bratislava and it's charming old town, castle, etc. Walking tour

and lunch on your in the old town. Next we travel deeper in charming Slovakia to 

Kostolany pod Tribecom – a very historic church from 9th the century    Next we travel to our hotel in

Banska Bystrica, dinner and an optional evening walk around the historic old town.


September 5 Friday

AM off to a traditional Slovak breakfast - tour the local brewery !  Then free

time in the historic center of Banska Bystrica, for sightseeing, shopping or a rest.

Lunch on your own. Next we visit the local area museum, filled with folk music instruments and dolls in folk dress. Then to visit the  beautiful Spania valley, and meet a local bobbin lace artist. Back to Banska Bystrica, dinner in stylish Slovak restaurant called a koliba !


September 6 Saturday

Depart across beautiful Slovakia toward Poland, stop in the local open-air museum in Slovakia. A few stops for pictures of the high Tatra mountains. Cross into Poland, travel to exciting Krakow !  Check-in at our hotel, walking tour of the historic square, dinner, free time.


September 7 Sunday

9 AM walk through the historical heart of Krakow, from the Royal castle to the main square. Group lunch in a historic Krakow restaurant.  After lunch you are free to explore on your own, sightseeing, shop at the wonderful market, or take the optional trip to the Royal salt mines.  Dinner on your own, maybe at a charming sidewalk cafe on the old square ?


September 8 Monday

8:30 AM departure to visit Auschwitz (Oswiecim) concentration camp – memorial.

Then we return to the Czech Republic, with a stop in Cesky Tesin, lunch on your own. Next to a wonderful museum of the historical Czech cars ( Tatra ), depart to our hotel in Roznov pod Radhostem, check in, dinner, free time.


September 9 Tuesday

Depart for another unique Heritage tour find, a tapestry workshop - learn how they restore historic castle tapestries. Then off to see the largest open-air museum in Central Europe - Roznov. See how your ancestors lived. Walking tour, visit the wonderful museum gift shop.

Then we are off to meet a local folk craftsman. Next hop back on the bus which will take usto the top of the local mountain, Radhost. Optional walk to the huge stone statue of Radegast.

Dinner in a historic restaurant on top of the mountain !


September 10 Wednesday

Starting with a a sightseeing stop to the historic synagogue in Lipnik nad Becvou, then to Kromeriz, tour the wonderful chateau, and gardens, explore the historic square, lunch on your own. ( maybe Moravian garlic soup ? ) Next to Hostyn, the Moravian pilgrimage place, like your ancestors - walk the stations of the cross. Then back to Roznov for Dinner in a charming local restaurant. Optional evening walk.


September 11 Thursday

Departure to the mountainous Velke Kralovice, visit the local wooden church, and meet with a local craftsman of wooden music instruments, tour a local glass-works, shop in the company store ( great prices ) Group lunch in a local restaurant.  Next we visit Zlín, with it's very unique shoe museum !  elevator that was a large office, etc. Check-in at our hotel in Uherske Hradiste. Dinner on your own, and maybe some wine tasting ?


September 12 Friday

Depart to visit a kroje ( folk costume ) workshop, many unique local handcrafts for sale. Then we visit the  Kuzelov wind mill museum.  Then off to Straznice, lunch on your own.Then visit a blue print fabric workshop, and the famous Straznice open air museum.( with a great gift store ) Then to Petrov wine cellars which date back to the 15th century. Back to Uherske Hradiste, dinner and off to enjoy the evenings programs of the wine and harvest festival. ( see below for more details on the festival )



September 13 Saturday

Whole day at the Moravian wine and harvest festival, well over 5000 people in kroje (folk costumes ), a HUGE parade, lots of music, and bands, folk crafts, dancing everywhere. 

Evening – dance the night away with the 20 piece Moravian brass band, plus folk music in a number of different venues = everything is within an easy few block walk from our centrally located hotel.  This will be the highlight or our tour and your whole year !!!!


September 14 Sunday

Depart to Prague, check-in at our centrally located hotel ( which is only a short walk to Wenseslas square ) Walking tour through the  Prague Castle complex - the largest in the world, continued sightseeing of Karluv Most (Charles Bridge), and Stare Mesto (Old Town)  Group dinner and rest.


September 15 Monday

Today offers you many different options - Visit Vysehrad, ( famous overlook to the castle ) or Josefov (Jewish Town) or any of the many other museums. Or explore on your own, visit relatives, shop.  Wonderful farewell evening dinner cruise on the Vltava river.



September 16 Tuesday

AM  *Tour ends*  with breakfast this morning, and a lifetime of good memories !
           You can keep traveling, visit relatives, or return home.


The final itinerary will have more stops, and much more detail.  I do not publish this in advanced

because we don’t want our out-of-the-way places to be swamped with tourists. 

Our secret places are for you -  our valued guests.


PRICE FOR THIS FULL 13+ DAY & 8 NIGHT TOUR IS ONLY : $ 3995.00* per-person 

( 10 people or more )  Single supplement is $ 550.00 for a single room during the tour.

We will offer the tour for a smaller group, but with a small group fee added.

 Reserve your space ! Tour space is held by a deposit only, of $ 300 per-person.


Mail in a check for your tour deposit of $ 300 for each person to our NEW ADDRESS !!  :

     Heritage Tours   13948  Square Lake Trail,  Stillwater,  MN  55082 - 9398


Please feel free to contact Mark, as he is on almost every tour, with any tour questions you may have by email at :

4cstours AT    or    Mbigaouette  AT  ( just replace the AT with a @ = to put these complete email address on the Internet will get me thousands of spam or junk emails )  or by phone at ( 651) 426-1222

FIND US ON FACEBOOK !   Just search for :  Czech & Slovak Heritage tours. 

Enjoy the many pictures, and fun things we post about the Czech & Slovak Republics ! 


Tour price is based on double room occupancy. ( most times it's two beds in a room ) Single supplement price is for a single room, with a single bed. Triple rooms are available too. Tour price includes : Hotel rooms with private bath, in small select superior class hotels ( 3 stars or above ). Almost all meals, every breakfast, and most all evening meals, ( which are large ). Professional driver, in a nice new 48 passenger modern air-conditioned motor coach - ( with LOTS of room to relax and spread out on all those empty seats, this is a real luxury - as most tours will cram you in, every seat is full ) Or a smaller vehicle in case of a smaller group. This is a fully guided tour, with a full time licensed local Czech guide. You will not be left on your own - with no clue. ( unless you want to ) Your admission to places and events, on the itinerary. Plus lots of entertainment, ( due to our extensive expertise, almost all entertainment we have is exclusive to Heritage Tours ) This is a Land only tour. Program is subject to change, tour price based on currency exchange rates as of October 10th, 2011. No two tours have ever been the same, each is unique and custom designed around the local calendar of events. No one else will offer a tour like ours, period Tour size is limited to around 10 - 20 people - again this is a real luxury, as many of my competitors have 35 to 50 people on one tour. Tour space is held by deposit only. *Listed tour price is by personal or bank check, final payment can be made by credit card, and 5 % will be added to your total for credit card fees. Make your tour deposit by personal or bank check sent by postal mail.

We add many things to our tour program in Europe and are only satisfied when most people say I am too tired to go on ! We don't believe in playing games with tour prices, there will be very few extras while you are on our tour.

Those very few extras are: a. One meal a day, mostly lunches ( with two BIG meals a day, its not missed by most people) Beverages other than breakfast. b. Car, drivers, translators, for family visits and personal reasons, and additional services done by the genealogical service. c. An occasional evening cultural program, or extra stops at places or events we come across. d. Gratuities during the tour. e. Transportation to / from Europe, and in Prague transfers to meet the start of the tour.

For references please feel free to contact :

 Barb Pingel in NH  email :

 Lisa  Messman  from MO     email :

 Kim  McGrath,  in Arizona  email :

 Lynn   Hastings  from Calif.  email :

 Karen  Helwig ( 262 ) 473-2187 in Wisc. email, 

 Kathryn  Muckler  in WA state  - email :

 Louise  Wessinger   email :   in MN ph# 651-452-6240

 Gary Zabokrtsky  ( 402 ) 729-2875 in Nebraska. email :  

 Barb Bening ( 507 ) 964-2739 in MN   email :        

 Betsey McCalley ( 319 ) 363-9163 in Iowa         

 Doreen McKenny  952-941-0426 in MN       

 Stefanie Husak   email : 

(Miss Czech-Slovak US  2010-2011) from NE       

 Marge Duffy   email,             

 Carol & George Bisek  in MN    email;

 Pat & Dick Kutilek 402-393-7469 in Neb. email,       

 Barbara Douvier in MN  651-738-0268

 Sharon  Sobolik in Iowa   ph # 563-547-3148   email  :

Our exclusive family history assistance: While on a Heritage Tour if you are interested in locating your family's roots, we can make it happen. We take this mission VERY SERIOUSLY. Unlike others we contact and search for your living relatives LONG before you depart for Europe. We check in advance to make sure people know you are coming, that the church will be open, that people will be home etc. All these matters dealing with family history are handled by a professionally licensed genealogical service, run by a Slovak-American married to a Czech based in Prague. They work extensively in Central Europe. They will contact your relatives, and you and they will decide how long your visit will be; a evening, afternoon, a day ? As not everyone will speak English, drive, or even have a car, we can help out with a car, van, driver or translator if you request it, no problem ! ( at a additional fee ) We will basically fill in with whatever you need to make your family visit a roaring success ! Detailed information regarding this service and much more, will be sent out to you - after you have signed up for a tour.

This is a GREAT GENERAL TOUR, each day is plum full of activities, your personal family history and visit is for you, the group is not invited along. We will be very interested to hear about your wonderful visit, but it's your day to be spent with your family. The tour group will continue seeing great sites, if your gone.

Don't let the large paragraph above worry you if your not of Czech or Slovak background. If your interest is just seeing a wonderful part of Europe - enjoying a more in-depth experience, or extensive travelers looking for a better travel experience - all have found our tours a wonderful off the beaten path travel experience !

In the last few years we have had many people of non-Czech or Slovak background join us, as more of the world learns what a wonderful place Central Europe really is. Including American Teachers and librarians doing school projects, and American’s living in Europe full time. On a 2006 tour, we had 6 Australian's and a lady from England - two of the Australians were returning for their 2nd tour with us ! ( none of whom are of Czech or Slovak background, they had all heard wonderful things about our tours - all the way down under ! )

You will meet many friends as we have over the last 20 years, it's less like a tour and more like a family outing visiting friends. Don't miss your chance......... Join us for the trip of a lifetime in 2012 !

For more genealogical information please contact the National Genealogical Society I founded:

CzechoSlovak Genealogical Society Int.

PO Box 16225

St. Paul MN 55116

or visit their web site at: or facebook page ( a not-for-profit, volunteer run society )

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