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Wonderful "off the beaten path" places - without the headaches of independent travel.....

 At Heritage tours we've proven that small groups (8 - 20 guests) and excellent value are a great mix along with our out of the way experiences. Since we create and operate our own trips, these are unique travel experiences. Most of the things we show our small groups will not be found with any other travel trips. We work closely with our many friends and associates, with whom we have long standing relationships. Most of these folk artists and everyday local people only work with us at Heritage Tours. We excel at giving our guests the best European experiences, multi night stays in one place away from the hordes of tourists. Most other tours have a series of one-night stays in places far apart. Those other tours rush through countries, and vast area's, most of what you see is from a bus window. When you return home from that type of tour - you will remember very little but the bugs on your bus window.

Most of my competitors have no real interest in this part of Europe - except to take your money for a trip. You don't see them at any educational events or trying to learn more about where they take you.

Mark has a well known passion for Central Europe.   NEW see my reading list !  

  Mark has attended many different educational Conferences, seminars and workshops. Helping help plan and organize these events as well. I have written many informative articles, and have been a volunteer consultant and resource person to many groups and organizations. All of us at Heritage Tours adore the culture, people and heritage of central Europe, and our tours show this passion. The people leading your tours should have this interest in where they are going, anyone can cash a check from you. 

 We at Heritage Tours offer a in-depth travel experience, basically free of stress. We go over the entire tour route in advance to check on everything for you. We eat at the best local restaurants, visit exquisite local folk crafter's, and see historic sites almost by ourselves. When you return home you will cherish and remember a great amount of wonderful memories which cannot be found on any other tour.  

Choose the best travel experience = Heritage Tours! Mark ( Vasko ) Bigaouette 


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enjoy great pictures, fun and interesting posts, no sales pitch.  

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Our 2014 tours are posted here for your pleasure.   

We offer land only tours with lots of options...... with or without Prague, parts of tours, etc.

*** Every tour we do is unique and different, for 2014 we are trying something altogether new :

Our June tour will start in Berlin, Germany. Our Fall tour will start in Vienna, Austria. Both tours end in Prague, Czech Republic. Both of these cities at the start of the tour are very easy to do on your own, many people speak English, they offer many kinds of city and local tours which you can enjoy before my tour starts.

Most people fly to Europe from your home city, into a major gateway airport. I myself fly from Minneapolis direct to Amsterdam from Amsterdam it is easy to fly directly into either Berlin or Vienna, at the end of the tours - depart from Prague, to Amsterdam, and back to Minneapolis. You can find many different airline flights to these cities. If you fly into Paris, you can spend a couple of days, then either Berlin, or Vienna, enjoy the tour, depart from Prague your possibilities are endless.....

This gives you the option to see another major city in Europe, and to see what you wish at that time before the tour starts. It also saves traveling time on the tour, so you see more with us too.


2014 tours closed, sorry.

Working on our 2015 tours now......

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the 2015 tour information has been posted to this web site. 


Dates for our 2014 tours are :

June tour June 19 -28, 2014. a 9+ day tour

CLOSED only one tour left for this year - sorry.

Starting in Berlin, a fascinating city with so much history, we drive through the unknown areas of the Eastern part of Germany, enjoying Dresden, we stay in 1000 year old historic Bautzen. Tour a prison museum, walk the historic town. Going to the Czech Republic we attend a folk festival in a spa town. A unique school museum, and a Christmas creche museum. Tour the local brewery, visit with some folk artists, lace making, puppet maker, farming museum. See how your ancestors lived when we visit a open-air museum. Many more places in East Bohemia, including Kutna Hora. Ending in the wonderful golden city of Prague, extensive walking tours, a wonderful river cruise.

Our - revised Annual Fall tour - September 4-16, 2014 a 13+ day tour
( click the blue line above for tour price and extensive tour program ) We depart Vienna on a great adventure to see the best of Central Europe ! Starting in Vienna, we next visit the charming Capital of Slovakia Bratslavia ! Then off to historic 9th century church, and Banska Bystrica, castles, folklore and glorious countryside! Across the Tatra mountains, to charming Krakow, Poland - salt mines, somber Auschwitz, shopping for amber jewelry, and wood carvings. Back to the Czech Republic, to visit the largest open-air museum in central Europe, eat at a historic mountain top restaurant, visit an unknown tapestry restoration workshop. Then to the tour highlight - with the best folk festival in the Czech Republic - a Moravian wine and harvest festival with thousands of people in kroje (folk costumes) singing, dancing and tons of wonderful music. Plus many more unique Heritage tour finds, folk artists, castles, etc. Returning to Prague for days of extensive walking tours, a river cruise....where the tour ends. ( same tour - just revised because they changed the dates of the huge folk festival )


Leon Hotel, Prague        New, modern, and inexpensive - hotel in central Prague

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